MatM (Friday)

Mike at the Mic for Friday, March 15, 2019

  • Looks like decent weather for both Princeton and Cornersville for the next few days.  A mix of sun and cloud and gradually warming temps!
  • What are the IDES of March?  It was based on an old Romulan calendar.  King Romulus, that is.  Here is the link to some background.
  • Our hearts are mourning with those who mourn today as we all learned of the terrorist attack at the Mosque in New Zealand.  May God’s justice be delivered swiftly to those who carried out this massacre…and may He reveal Jesus to the lost in the process.
  • It is American Red Friday.  Thank you to Gregg for submitting a name for an “Honorable Mention” today.  Thank you to Gregg’s nephew, Matthew, for his years of dedicated service in the Marines and to his family for the sacrifice they made while he served.  If you would like let me know if you’ve served in America’s armed forces, fill out the form and I would be honored to publicly thank you on the next American Red Friday.
  • I will be out of office all next week.  Feel free to check in with me while I am away!  I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

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