MatM (Friday)

Mike at the Mic for Friday, March 1, 2019

  • I could feel a little bug in the throat today.  Sorry if it sounded strange on the air at all.  I tried not to talk TOO much, but…that’s tough for a broadcaster.
  • Well, first and foremost, it is American Red Friday.  You may get tired of me talking about my love for those who have served faithfully in the military of the United States of America, but I will not get tired to saying thank you.  I do not take my freedoms for granted.  Especially as we watch the freedoms that come from God get trampled by those who act like God.  If you have served in the US military and have worn the uniform with honor and integrity, I want to give you and Honorable Mention on the air.  Just fill out the form.  Use this same form if you want me to mention a friend or family member who has served.
  • We launched a new website late last night!  Of course we can always add more features, but it’s a great beginning as we try our best to make it easier to connect with you.
  • One of the big things on the front page of the new site is the MercyMe concert ticket give-away!  Don’t miss out if you’d like a chance to win.  YaGottaLissun.  🙂

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