MatM (Monday)

Mike at the Mic for Monday, March 11, 2019

  • Here we go again, huh?  Monday’s sure seem to come quickly.
  • Here is the story of the terminally ill Wisconsin girl who was visited by police departments and their dogs.
  • Temps are warming up this week in Princeton!  Cornersville is warming up as well!  Make sure to check the forecast right on our website!
  • I heard a couple of great sermons this weekend.  One sermon was a continued study on the book of 1 Samuel and the grace of God.  The other message (not really a sermon) addressed the effects of Satan’s attack on the book of Genesis for all these years.  All the way back to Genesis 3, the devil inserted doubt into the mind of Eve with the question, “Did God actually say…?”  Ever since then, man has questioned the authority of God’s Word and its accuracy.  After all, if the first book of the Bible can’t be trusted, how can ANY of it be trusted?

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