MatM (Thursday)

Mike at the Mic for Thursday, March 7, 2019

  • Well, I gave the final secret phrase today so you have a chance to win MercyMe concert tickets tomorrow on “Tommy Rose in the Morning.”  I hope you win!
  • Sad news about Alex Trebek.  Please pray for Alex and his family as they march into the front lines of a serious battle with cancer.  Pray that the Lord would draw him and his family toward the very heart of Jesus.
  • Although you are probably tired of the snow, the ICE is what is super dangerous.  Please be careful as a glaze is likely to cover the roadways and sidewalks.  Your morning commute may be a little slick, so be careful tomorrow morning, too.
  • Israel has sent a space craft to the moon!  It won’t land on the lunar surface until April 11, but you can read about it right here!
  • Tomorrow is American Red Friday, so please submit your information so as I put on some American red, I can give you (or someone you know) and Honorable Mention tomorrow.  Here is the form to fill out.
  • Keep pursuing Truth until we meet again tomorrow!

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