MatM (Thursday)

Mike at the Mic for Thursday, March 14, 2019

  • A Comb-Over Alert was issued today with this strong wind hitting the Midwest.  You’ll definitely want to hold that thing down, men, so it doesn’t look like a wild animal is trying to jump off your head.
  • Today is Pi Day.  Here is some background on how it came to be.
  • So sad to read the stories of the Boeing 737 Max airliners that have crashed.  Being an aviation lover, I want to learn more about the WHY.  Pilots have stated that the plane has pitched down unexpectedly after take-off.  Are they using auto-pilot at that time?  Is this truly a computer issue related to the auto-pilot?  Yet, if the AP is disconnected when there is an issue, why were the pilots not able to recover control on the doomed flights?  Lots of questions.  This has ALWAYS been one of the things that has bothered me about fly-by-wire technology.  No physical control of the critical parts of the aircraft.
  • Did you know that there was (and is) an attempt to prevent the arrival of the Jewish messiah by using dead bodies to block his arrival?  Read what I mean here.
  • I think it is so amazing that God has given us the minds to create technology that can detect dust orbiting Mercury.  That’s incredible to me.
  • Tomorrow is American Red Friday.  Don’t miss your opportunity to submit your name (or someone else’s name) if you have served in the military of the USA.  I would be so honored to give you an Honorable Mention on tomorrow’s show.  Here is the form for you to use!

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