MatM (Wednesday)

Mike at the Mic for Wednesday, March 6, 2019

  • Pretty fun to come up with secret phrases for our MercyMe concert ticket give-away.  I hope you’ve been able to hear them so you have a chance to win with “Tommy Rose in the Morning!”  If you missed today’s secret phrase, you have ONE MORE CHANCE to hear a phrase tomorrow.
  • American Red Friday is coming up, so please let me know if you’ve served in the military of the USA.  Use this form to send information for me to read on Friday’s “Mike at the Mic.”  I want to give you (or someone you love) an Honorable Mention on Friday’s show.
  • It sure is nice to see some warmer weather coming for Princeton and Cornersville.
  • I am really curious to know what talents you have.  Maybe it is something you are skilled at doing, but people really don’t know about it.  For me, I love to draw.  Not many people know about it, however.  What about you?  God sure has given us the opportunity to use these gifts and talents for His purpose and glory.  You can use this form to let me know YOUR gifts and talents!

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