MatM (Friday)

Mike at the Mic for Friday, April 12, 2019

  • Looks like a stormy Sunday for Cornersville.  Princeton, on the other hand, might see some snow!
  • Hey Alexa, GET OUT OF MY FACE.  There are a lot of articles published this week on the privacy issues related to Amazon’s Alexa.  Workers have been hired around the world to listen to the recordings.  Not just of commands to Alexa, but all private communication sent to their ‘cloud.’  That has ALWAYS been the concern of mine with this technology.  It seems blindingly obvious that if we put a microphone in our house, connect it to the internet so some company can listen for commands…that it is always listening!  It must listen for the wake-up words in order to execute a command.  It is ALWAYS listening inside our homes.  Here is just one of many articles published.  I would love something like this if it was totally exclusive to my own house.  However, I do not want employees monitoring my words and using my voice to train their technology.  Incredible technology.  It’s the application that really bothers me.
  • I wrapped up the show today talking about the men of valor from WWII.  Here is the video link so you can watch this moving burial at sea.  Thank you to all of you who have faithfully served while wearing the uniform of the US Military.

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