MatM (Thursday)

Mike at the Mic for Thursday, April 4, 2019

  • Warmer temps coming for Princeton and Cornersville, but potential storms as well.
  • Rick Elias passed away this week.  Rick was a dear friend of Rich Mullins (Rich passed away on I-39 in 1997).  Rick was part of the Ragamuffin Band.  He had battled with cancer and had been sharing his journey on social media.  He posted a beautiful love note to his wife Linda this week for their anniversary.  It came to be his final post.  It is sad to see the comments change from “Happy Anniversary!” to “RIP.  So sorry for your loss.”  He is with Jesus now…and his friend, Rich.  Here is a touching video of Rick singing “My Deliverer”…then and now.
  • Keeping our eyes on the Middle East (Israel and the region), we see devastating floods in Iran (Persia).  We also know that the president of Iran called on the Iranians to curse Israel and the USA.  I immediately think of the promises of God in the Old Testament.  Genesis 12:3 which is directed at Abraham and Numbers 24 which is related to Israel which says, “Blessed is he who blesses you, And cursed is he who curses you.”  In the weeks immediately following a nationwide curse by Iran on Israel, they have suffered devastating floods.  Here is just one of MANY news stories about the devastation facing Iran in the weeks immediately following the ‘curse.’

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