MatM (Thursday)

Mike at the Mic for Thursday, April 18, 2019

  • A quick note to say that I will not be in the studio tomorrow, but if God allows I will host another “Mike at the Mic” on Monday.
  • My deepest prayer for you is that you have been saved by the grace of God.  The sacrifice we celebrate tomorrow needs to be remembered.  When I think of my life…my sin…my separation from the One who made me…it is overwhelming to think that I am now reconciled to my Creator.  His perfect sacrifice, perfect in every single way, paid the debt that I have incurred.  I am no longer subject to His wrath, but await His glorious appearing knowing that God the Father sees the redemptive blood of God the Son when He looks at me.  He gave me God the Spirit and He calls me His own!  Praise God!

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